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Our Services

Our Antiques Store

Our Stonington, Connecticut store is open Monday-Friday from 9am - 4pm and Saturday and Sunday by appointment. Conveniently located between Boston and New York City, we are a favorite source for professional designers, decorators, architects and antique dealers. Our collection is always changing and we invite you to check in regularly. For details on items shown here in our gallery, please email for dimensions, pricing and availability.





Our Conservation Shop

Our 10,000 square foot workshop is home to our conservation and repair studios.  Our staff of highly skilled craftsmen and woman can undertake the most demanding repairs with the greatest care and respect for the original finish, patina and structure.  We specialize in all manner of inlay and marquetry work inlcluding Boulle, brass, ivory and exotic-wood inlay.  Our first impulse is always to conserve the original surfaces and materials as much as possible.  We never "refinish" a piece of furniture--unless it is necessary as part of a process to rebuild a patina that was erased in an earlier restoration by others. 


Proper treatment of gilt surfaces inlcuding water and oil gilding as well as ormoulu mounts, is an incredibly important part of our work.  Our skill in stabilizing, cleaning and conserving painted surfaces inlcuding oil painting, lacquer and chinoiserie are in high demand.  Please call or write for an estimate.

Our Estate Services

We are always interested in buying quality estate items.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss options including outright purchase, consignment and public auction.   Feel free to call Richard Auber at (860) 501-3251 to discuss options. Climate monitored storage and transport of your finest pieces is also available.

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